Frequently Asked Questions


Is your equipment safe?

Yes, all of our inflatables are tested each year to ensure that they reach strict safety standards. All our electrical equipment is PAT tested each year. Our insurance is kept up to date yearly as well as our association with the BIHA.

How many children are allowed on at once?

This depends on the size of the castle and the age of children using the Bouncy Castle. Recommended number and height of users are written on the front step of the equipment when they are tested.

How long does a day's hire last?

This can vary depending on your venue, how long your party is and how long you would like the inflatables. We try and fit in with when you would like them delivered. We start deliveries at 7am and pick up before it gets dark due to safety concerns.

Are dogs or small animals allowed on?

No pets are allowed on the castles at ANY TIME.

How long does it take to set up?

This depends on the time of your event and if it is in a village hall or your garden! We try to fit in with what you want but normally deliver between 30 minutes to an hour before your event starts when in a hall or to suit you when at your house. A typical delivery time may take up to 20-30 mins.

Can I mix ages?

No, this is not a good idea. It is best to either have a separate Bouncy Castle or to only allow children of a similar age and size on at the same time.

Can I put a Bouncy Castle indoors?

Yes, many of our inflatables are designed to go indoors and we have been to many venues in the local area.

What's included in the price?

All bouncy castle booking prices include local delivery, you may charged a small fee for deliveries more than 10miles away from Solihull, but this will be included in the price you are quoted when booking your castle, so there are no hidden surprises! (please contact us for delivery rates). You will also receive an electric blower/fan, 25m extension cable, circuit breaker. The price we quote also includes set up, inflation and packing away the equipment on collection. All of our Bouncy Castles come with sun/rain showers too!

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